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About me

Who is Gwombhngker?


Name: Sebastian Judis

Gender: Männlich

Birth: 30.08.1988

Hobbyphotographer: since about 2009

Independent Photodesigner: since 11/2018


Canon 80D, Canon 77D (+several Lenses)

DJI Mavic Pro

XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro HD

Homestudio available

Several Lights (Ringlight, Softboxes, Permalights, Flashes)



Adobe Photoshop CC, Sony Vegas


my name is Sebastian Judis and i am used to the nickname Gwombhngker since a bunch of years on several networks.

Shortly about my way to photography:

When i was a little boy about 10+, i was already interested in normal digital cameras. I wasn't good or close to professional at all, i just loved to capture images. That points didn't changed until 2009.

In 2007/2008 my older brother showed off his DSLR to me. It was a Canon 350D. I was totally fascinated about the bunch of buttons and functions. The huge amount of possibilities really made me envy him for having such a nice thing.

Sure - while i was still at school, had no big income, there was no chance to get such a formidable camera for my own. That changed in 2009. I was done with my military duties and my brother took me to a bigger town "close" by and we got me my own Canon 450D.

I started to study that year so i sure took photos froms time to time but it was still not really good. Fact - I really sucked at it. I became frustrated a bit because there were sooooo many amazing images online and i wasn't even close by. Don't get me wrong - I still was fascinated.

The years past away. Later in 2014/2015 my intention of doing real photography became really passionate. I studied several techniques with books and youtube videos. I aquired knowledge about "Golden Cuts", Image Composition, Perspectives. I learned a lot about equipment and other stuff too. So i had grown my own equipment.

Now i am where i am. I am looking for models, ideas, locations. I am happy about each constructive criticism, to become even better.

Sure i am proud and happy about every compliment, like and every new follower is very welcome.

Now you:

You like my Style? - Let me know! Write me via contact below.

You don't like my Style? - You are welcome to let me know about that! I love to develop.

You want to be my Model? - Wonderful! Let me know by using the contact below an we'll see if it fits.

You want to decorate your home with unique motifs? Visit my Spreadshirt or Moteefe Shop.

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