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"Crazy ideas? - Got it! Let's do it!"

Min. 4 edited images

35 €/hr

0,30 €/km

Studio, Indoor, Outdoor


Quantity variable - depends on object and need

35 €/hr

0,30 €/km

Studio, Indoor, Outdoor


What else do you need? Let's talk about and let's find a solution.

35 €/hr

0,30 €/km

Studio, Indoor, Outdoor


We should talk about quantity of edited images.

The price per hour counts for shooting and editing as well.

Results will be offered digital.

How it works?

Write me a message with your interest and tell me the results you want to have.


After you accept my offer we will find a date for the shoot.


For the worst and very unlikely case there is no image you like, there are no costs for you except the travelcosts of me (0,30€/km).

Let's call it the Gwombhngker-Satisfaction guarantee


Let's find a date to talk about the details.


We do the shoot.


After you told me your selection i will edit the images as fast as possible. I will send you the results of the first turn. They will be watermarked and qualityreduced again. You can tell me your wishes for changes. I will tell you the already used time also, so you can calculate better.


If we are in common i will give you an offering.


I will do selection, which you will get to give me your selection of images.

The images i will send you will be watermarked and qualitydowngraded.


Images are like you wanted them?

Invoice incoming.

Still editingwishes?

Back to 7-2.

(Editing again is limitated:

corrections: 2 times

wish for another look of the image: once!)


What's with TfP?

Yes i do TfP-Shootings to increase my portfolio.


What's TFP?

- Time for Photos - so the shooting is free for you. Therefore both of us are allowed to use the images freely. The images will be watermarked by me. I also please you to inform about the photographer - me - if you are posting the images on social media. A link to my site or my profile is wished also.

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